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Why We Need Your Support

Empowering the Guardians of Local Heritage

PGH, as an organisation dedicated to preserving the local history of Portsmouth and Gosport, relies on the support of individuals like you to fulfil our mission. Here’s why your support is not just beneficial but crucial to the continued success of our endeavours.


Bridging the Gap in Funding

Preserving and promoting heritage comes with costs. Your support helps bridge funding gaps, ensuring that crucial projects to rejuvenate buildings, archives, and stories can move forward without hindrance.

Amplifying Community Involvement

Your contributions empower us to create immersive experiences, fostering community involvement. By supporting these initiatives, you actively participate in the preservation and promotion of the area’s history.

Enabling Educational Opportunities

With your support, we provide valuable educational opportunities, cultivating a community of informed individuals who contribute actively to the preservation of local history.

Strengthening Collaborative Networks

Your support facilitates collaboration with similar organisations, locally and beyond. This network ensures a collective effort in preserving historical narratives, sharing resources, and enhancing the impact of heritage conservation.

Expanding Outreach

Support enables us to expand our outreach efforts, reaching more residents and engaging them in the rich history of Portsmouth and Gosport. This, in turn, strengthens the sense of community ownership and responsibility.

Sustaining Free Heritage Events

Your support ensures the continuation of free heritage events, like History Week, offering residents unique opportunities to explore and connect with their local history.

Safeguarding the Historic Ramparts

Contributions have played a vital role in allowing us to continue opening the Historic Ramparts to the public. Your support directly contributes to our free Open Days each year.

Building a Lasting Legacy

By supporting PGH, you actively contribute to building a lasting legacy for future generations. Your support ensures that the rich heritage of Portsmouth and Gosport continues to be a source of pride and identity for the community.

In conclusion, your support is not just a gesture; it is a vital force driving the preservation, promotion, and celebration of local history.

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