Sustaining Free Heritage Events


As part of the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group’s commitment to preserving and promoting the local history of Portsmouth and Gosport, we recognise the significance of sustaining free heritage events. Our ability to achieve this goal hinges upon the mutual support of the public and our valued corporate partners.

Public Support:

A Foundation for Heritage Preservation

Accessible heritage events are upheld through the enduring support and active participation of the local community. The public’s engagement not only contributes to the preservation of our shared history, but also fosters a sense of communal ownership and pride in our cultural heritage. By prioritizing public involvement, we strengthen the foundations on which free heritage events stand.

Corporate Partnerships:

Enriching Heritage EngagementCollaborations with corporate entities play an essential role in the sustainability of free heritage events. Through financial contributions, in-kind resources, and venue access, corporate partnerships enhance the quality and reach of our heritage events. Furthermore, these partnerships offer networking opportunities and shared expertise, enabling us to engage a wider audience and create a lasting impact within the community.

In the words of our Chairman, “We do not want to erect a paywall around history, especially when it revolves around our heritage sites and events promoting and educating members of the public. However, sometimes this is necessary to offset costs involved. However, as a charity, we aim to ensure most, if not all, of our activities are free of charge.”

This sentiment reflects our commitment to keeping heritage accessible to all, while acknowledging the financial realities associated with event management. It serves as a reminder that while the preservation of history may incur costs, the overarching goal is to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for the community.

Guidance for Other Heritage Event Organisers

Recognising the challenges associated with organising and sustaining free heritage events, we encourage fellow organizers to prioritise community goodwill and build enduring relationships with local businesses and individuals who share an interest in preserving heritage.

Communicating the value of heritage events, fostering support, and exploring creative fundraising initiatives are essential components for success.In conclusion, sustaining free heritage events for the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group involves a deep-rooted commitment to public engagement and the meaningful collaboration of corporate entities. This unique blend of mutual support ensures that our heritage events remain open and accessible to the broader community, enriching the understanding and appreciation of our local history.

For fellow organisers of heritage events, we offer the following advice:

1. Community Engagement:

Foster strong relationships with local communities, historical societies, and individuals who share a passion for preserving heritage. Engage the public through open dialogue, community forums, and opportunities for collaborative input.

2. Value Communication:

Clearly communicate the value and significance of heritage events to potential supporters, emphasizing the positive impact on community identity, education, and cultural enrichment.

3. Innovative Fundraising:

Explore creative fundraising initiatives such as crowdfunding, sponsorship programs, and merchandise sales that align with the ethos of heritage preservation.

4. Strategic Networking:

Seek opportunities for collaboration with organisations that share your heritage preservation goals. Forming strategic alliances can bolster your event’s visibility and impact.

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