Chairman’s Annual Report Statement


Portsmouth & Gosport History Group’s Chairman, William Donaldson, shared his Annual Report Statement (ARS) with the Board of Trustees on December 14th. In this report, he highlights significant growth, both internally and externally, that contributed to PGHG engagement efforts and the strategic plans that were outlined in 2021. He also pointed out that the achievements were also made with “minimal financial resources” and praised the strong and dedicated team of volunteers for their efforts and determination to forward the charitable aims of the newly registered charity. William also goes on to mention that the Trustees vision for the organisation is to “position it as a forward-thinking and robust charity, well-equipped to fulfil our charitable purposes with increased efficacy.

You can read the statement here:

In 2021, I initiated a comprehensive two-year strategic plan for PGHG, outlining our objectives to attain charitable status and establish a centralised operational hub. A primary focus of this initiative was to enhance awareness and engagement within the heritage sector in our designated area. The successful implementation of this strategic roadmap is attributed to the collective efforts of the entire PGHG team, with unwavering support from our valued partners, stakeholders, and the public.


I am pleased to formally announce the culmination of our endeavors, as of December 13th. PGHG has officially attained charitable status, and we are now registered under the charity number 1206165. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and collaboration demonstrated by all involved parties, reinforcing our commitment to advancing the goals and mission of PGHG.


Throughout the duration of our two-year plan, PGHG successfully engaged with over 10,000 members of the public, achieving this milestone with minimal financial resources. Now, as a Charitable Incorporated Organisdsation (CIO) equipped with the capacity to fundraise, apply for grants, and leverage additional resources, the potential for impactful initiatives is significantly expanded. Our unwavering commitment to the objectives outlined in our governing document remains steadfast, and we are poised to continue delivering meaningful contributions to our community.


In the near future, the newly appointed Trustees of PGHG will convene to develop a comprehensive new two-year plan. This strategic roadmap will introduce fresh projects and educational opportunities, empowering all stakeholders to become custodians of our local narrative.

In 2023, our organisation experienced notable growth, welcoming new volunteers into our community, reappointing dedicated board members, and introducing fresh perspectives to our management team. The collective achievements of each volunteer, who generously dedicates their free time to support our mission, stand as a testament to their commitment and valuable contributions. Their unique insights and advice play a crucial role in enriching the experiences of our community.


As we approach 2024, I am filled with pride at the prospect of relaunching the Portsmouth & Gosport History Group. Our vision is to position it as a forward-thinking and robust charity, well-equipped to fulfill our charitable purposes with increased efficacy. I am confident that the strength of our team and the dedication of our volunteers will propel us towards even greater success in the pursuit of our mission.


I express sincere gratitude to each individual who has placed their trust in us, and I look forward to the collective achievements that lie ahead.


William Donaldson, Chair.